The designer of the company Emanuele Pricolo, has inherited the fundamental secrets of art and aesthetics, through his twenty seven years experience in the world of art, as restorer of paintings of important Italian and foreign famous authors for public and private clients. To acquire all the skills, Emanuele was formed cooperating with great masters in the field, attending some of the most important restoration workshops. With these experiences he learned most of the secrets that only such an intense approach could give. In the same period of time, Emanuele began to go to studios of important artistic members of the ‘Roman scene’, acquiring a deep non-conventional knowledge. Most importantly, they taught him to listen to his emotions in order to give them a face, sure that every work can have a soul able to tell a story. In order to complete his vocational education Emanuele worked in an art gallery of Rome. This allowed him to work and specialize himself in the field of contemporary art, making handcrafted furniture and refining more and more his aesthetic taste.

I am aware that my knowledge is an artistic heritage that is a result of a rare experience, I also know that, without doing something, one day all of this could be lost. Nowadays my goal is therefore to keep alive, through the creation of design furniture, the artisan culture of the past; that culture capable of telling at the world, the stories and poetry of Italian artists and artisans

A deep rooted emotional sensation that needs to be recalled in a way that can never be forgotten.

From this feeling, is born every design and product, that tells a story, speaks to an experience, personal, unique and singular. Memories and emotions are freed to take shape and transform becoming remarkable pieces. Aromas and scents stolen from the countryside, secrets and techniques personally acquired from renowned postwar artists, colors of classical paintings, contemporary art and an unbreakable bond with nature are fused within each piece to recreate a tradition that no longer exists.

Every product found in these pages is born not with technology but out of the need to express a wealth of experiences and emotional recollections.

The colors are the rewards of a profound knowledge gained in the restoration of old paintings; the materials are pure and pristine, personally cured by the artist, making each piece extraordinary in every detail

Emanuele Pricolo

How many times have we heard one of our parents or a family member say: 'See that piece of furniture? It was made by a famous carpenter, it's all made of solid wood, I paid it…. it was much money at that time” Once the value of an object made by a craftsman lasted forever, We had great respect for those who skillfully practiced the profession of craftsman who carried out the culture and history of the Made in Italy, that made us famous all over the world. Today new generations are losing the value of Italian handcraft along with the idea of what it represents, giving more space to mass consumer products. As far as I’m concern I’ve always kept alive this meaning and its cultural value, that’s why, for the last twenty-five years of my life, I’ve devoted myself to the knowledge of different handcraft arts. Looking back in time it seems everything happened by chance, but as old wise man say, we make our chance by ourself….